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'domino'. steel, brass. [2004]

'othello/reversi'. steel, brass. patina. [2006]

'memory'. forged steel, oxidised copper. [2006]

'knochenspiel' - 'bonegame'. aluminium, forged and anodised. size 5x2x2cm each. [2004]
playing: the red bone is thrown in the air. while it is still there, the black bones are to be collected, then the red bone must be catched again. if you manage to catch it, without losing any bone, you get as many points as the number of black bones collected. if anything falls down, you get no points. level can be varied (eg. not moving your feet, sitting on the ground, adding black bones etc.)

'mühle' ('nine men's morris'). forged steel, partly polished. size 30x30cm. can be folded into a leather bag sized 10x30x2cm. [2004]

'hnefatafl (tablut)'. a chess-related medieval game. steel and brass, oxidised/polished. board size 50x50cm. [2007]